Technological And Organizational Learning: The Case Of The Center Of Naval And Oceanic Engineering

  • Lucas Rodrigo da Silva Doutorando em Política Científica e Tecnológica pela UNICAMP. Programa de Pós-Graduação em Política Científica e Tecnológica (DPCT/IG/UNICAMP)
  • Leda Gitahy Doutora em Sociologia pela Universidade de Uppsala (2000), Suécia. Professora do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Política Científica e Tecnológica (DPCT/IG/UNICAMP)
Palavras-chave: Technology and organizational learning – Brazilian S&T polices – Naval Sector – Research and innovation network – CEENO – CNAVAL/IPT


This paper highlights the changes of organizational and technological patterns of the Center of Naval and Oceanic Engineering of the Technology Research Institute (CNAVAL/IPT) from Brazil and the types of learning acquired in relations to the naval market. According to this research, the changes came between relations with the productive naval sector, universities and government through of research and innovation network called Center for Excellence in Naval and Oceanic Engineering (CEENO), headed by Petrobrás (Brazilian Oil Company) with a focus on the late 1990s and during the 2000s. The relations with this environment allowed CNAVAL/IPT to create new management routines, new capabilities of technological production and new competencies, which made him more dynamic in front of the constants market changes. This paper articulates concepts of learning process, organization transformation and innovation and research networks. The methodology was based on analyzes of academics thesis, legislations, internal documents of CNAVAL/IPT and interviews with key actors from CNAVAL/IPT.